Monday November 26th 2018

Monday November 26th 2018: Episode 16

Box Office Results:

Nerd movies are taking over your local theater.

In celebration, here are the box office totals of movies for nerds:

Venom has dominated with a worldwide total of $822,507,620 after Thanksgiving weekend.

Wreck It Ralph had a solid start with a worldwide total of $125,972,000.

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald did horrible in the United States during its two weeks, but has a worldwide total of $439,717,238.

And keep in mind that Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse (2018) will hit theaters December 14th.

The very next week both Aquaman and Bumblebee hit theaters to ensure Nerds and Geeks don't get bored this holiday season.

Which movies are you most excited about? Feel free to post your reviews in the comments.

Obi-Wan Kenobi is movie back on!?

Also, George Lucas will return to make it?

And why is Former foreign secretary Boris Johnson the one to leak this information?

At the DUP Conference he said "Which was the biggest grossing movie last year? Star Wars and where does George Lucas propose to make a follow up about Obi-Wan Kenobi? Northern Ireland."

Is this a course correction while Disney tries to repair the damage of Kathleen Kennedy and Rian Johnson?

Or is it the ravings of a crazy person that isn't aware that Lucasfilm made it clear that the Obi Wan Kenobi movie was dead?

It's all speculation at this point, so post your thoughts in the comments below.

A Judge Dredd tv show

Rebellion, based in nearby Oxford, is a comic book publisher and games developer

An Oxford based comic book publisher is taking over a print newspaper building to create a movie studio complex.

Rebellion's flagship productions are said to be a Judge Dredd tv show and a movie of extremely cult comic Rogue Trooper.

The studio will include Six soundstages, 220,000 sq ft, and 500 employees.

With such a major studio kicking things off with comic book based storytelling, is about as risky as it gets.

We wish them nothing but luck and it will be a dream if they pull it off.

Friday November 23rd 2018

01 The Satanic Temple Settles Case Against Netflix

It looks like The Satanic Temple has settled their case against Netflix.

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina used a Baphomet throughout season one, that looked almost exactly like the Baphomet used by The Satanic Temple.

Lucien Greaves of The Satanic Temple has announced that the lawsuit has been “amicably settled.”

The temple will be acknowledged in the credits for episodes of “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” that have already been filmed.

All other details of the settlement are confidential and will not be released at this time.


02 Stranger Things actress UNICEF’s Youngest Goodwill Ambassador

Millie Bobby Brown (who plays Eleven on Stranger Things) is now the youngest UNICEF's goodwill ambassador.

The internationally known actress is currently 14 years old.

United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund made the announcement recently.

"Given UNICEF's global role as the world's leading voice for children and young people, to be the

youngest-ever Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF is more than an honor. It's a powerful privilege."

The third season of Stranger Things began production in April 2018, but will not be released until mid-2019 sometime.


03 George R.R. Martin Harassed by Stephen Colbert

George R.R. Martin was recently on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert where the host harassed him a little about his lack of focus on finishing The Winds Of Winter.

Martin just released his 700 page Fire and Blood with the acknowledgement that it's only the first half of his prequel story.

He promised Colbert that he would release The Winds Of Winter before working on the second half of Fire And Blood.

Martin has hinted several times that The Winds Of Winter will be the darkest of the books in the series.


04 Hugh Jackman Is Done With Wolverine

Most of us understand that Hugh Jackman is finished playing the role of Wolverine.

Deadpool's Ryan Reynolds has been trying to convince him to return to the role.

But the actor has stayed firm that no matter how much he enjoyed it, he is done.

"When I saw Deadpool, I was like, wow that's cool. It's just a matter of time. It's a

bit like you're at the greatest party you've ever been at, you've been dancing for an hour

and a half, and then you're just like 'It's time, ok. If I stay any longer, it's gonna get

ugly.' It's like, it's time."


05 The Crimes of Grindelwald rakes in $300M

Fantastic Beasts 2 has raked in $300M total so far!

This means that it has already passed its budget of $200 million.

It's six-day domestic total is up to $81m.

This is still well below the $814 million total for the first Fantastic Beasts movie.

In October 2016, Rowling announced that the Fantastic Beasts film series would be comprised of five films.


06 Wreck It Ralph On Fortnite

Fortnite has never been above a little bit of a crossover tie in.

In May they made Thanos a playable character.

This being a Wreck it Ralph weekend, it's not shocking that he has been seen in the game.

A Reddit user going by the tag MozzzyyTwitch saw the big guy on a movie screen at the Risky Reels location.

Of course Ralph Breaks the Internet has enough pop culture references to give Ready Player One a run for its money.


07 Is Venom Sequel Confirmed?

While we hold out hope that Jared Leto's Morbius won't be as disappointing as his Joker, Sony has confirmed a Venom sequel.

The first Venom has raked in $780.2 million so far world wide, so it's not shocking that a sequel is being made.

Morbius will be released on July 10th of 2020, while Spider-Man: Far From Home is scheduled for release on July 5th of 2019.

So the “untitled Sony-Marvel sequel” coming on October 2nd could only be the sequel to Venom.

So we have less time to wait until we see Woody Harrelson devour some scenery as Carnage.