Saturday March 16th


Saturday, March 16th

Kicking off at 12 PM

Nerds Drink Whiskey Presents:

An Irish Whiskey Tasting Event!

Live at Louie G's Pizza in Fife Wa!

5219 Pacific Hwy E, Fife, Washington 98424

Nerds Drink Whiskey presents a tasting event just in time for your holiday celebrations. Do you know your Irish whiskey? We will review several brands of Irish Whiskey, teach you how to drink whiskey properly, what to look for in a good whiskey (without breaking the bank), and so much more!

Joining us for this adventure is our good friend Christian Doyle of JourneyQuest, The Gamers, Masters Of The Metaverse, Attacking The Darkness, Strowlers, and so much more!

So come have a drink with us, learn how to drink smarter, and of course get nerdy with us!

We strongly recommend getting there by 12:00 noon, having a few slices of pizza, and get a good seat. We will start the show at 12:00 noon!