Nerds Drink Whiskey: Episode 146 A Cross Between Pancakes And Licorice

Nerds Drink Whiskey: Episode 146 A Cross Between Pancakes And Licorice

Dogger's in Yelm

Featured Whiskey:
Southern Comfort - whiskey-based liqueur

Also Mentioned:
Roscoe: The Junkyard Cat

Nerds Drink Whiskey Event
Saturday August 4th at Doggers in Yelm, Wa

Recorded at:
Dogger's In Yelm
404 1st St S, Yelm, WA 98597

Nerds Drink Whiskey
Always Sip, Never Slam

Mark Carras:
Host, producer, and editor

Gabe Glandon:

Jeff Morris:

Ed Halbert:

All Camera work:
Kara Hillius

Clinton Dogger Mullins

Alan Smithee:

Michael Arms:
Intro and outro music

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"How did he even have time to buy a ticket?" ~ Scott Lang
Ant-Man and the Wasp (2018)





Kaley Cuoco Gets Married Again.

The Big Bang Theory actress married professional equestrian Karl Cook.

She wore a bridal cape and jumpsuit, yes a cape.

The pair tied the knot on a ranch near San Diego.

“He lets me wake up in the morning and say, ‘I want to go and rescue rabbits.’ And he’s like, ‘All right, let’s get a coffee and let’s go.’


Avengers 4 Title Announced!

Someone actually bothered to check the resume page kept by Avengers 4 cinematographer Trent Opaloch, for some reason.

It may be lucky that they did, as Omega Underground reports that Opaloch gave away the movie's real title: Avengers: End Game


DC Comics Spoiled Batman and Catwoman's Wedding in the New York Times.

The New York Times ran a story about the upcoming Batman #50.

It's due out Wednesday with writing by Tom King and art by Mikel Janin, with colors by June Chung and lettering by Clayton Cowles, along with a bevy of guest artists.

The article reveals that Batman isn’t getting married this Wednesday.

Batman and Catwoman, the legendary hero/anti-villain pairing, is not meant to be.

At least not in the canon DC Universe, that is.




All Of Modern Doctor Who Available Online.

The good news is that all ten seasons of modern Doctor Who is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

The bad news is that it is just for those in the UK.

This includes all specials, Christmas episodes, 50th anniversary, mini-episode The Night of the Doctor, etc.

Yes, the full eras of the past four Doctors.

This would be a brutal non-stop 7 day binge session.


JJ Abrams Star Trek cast to be in Quentin Tarantino’s Star Trek.

Some may call them the “Kelvin Timeline’s” Enterprise crew.

Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto and Zoe Saldana, may be set to appear in an R-rated Star Trek movie from director Quentin Tarantino.

For more info, check the link below.


What's keeping Disney from dismissing Kathleen Kennedy from Star Wars.

Rumors continue that Disney's Bob Iger is trying to get rid of Kathleen Kennedy.

Apparently nobody wants her job because Kathleen Kennedy has created a house that's divided.

Her fierce supporters (that she put in place), against the loyalists to the brand itself (that were there before Kathleen).




Star Wars: Episode IX Returns to the rebel base at Yavin IV.
It appears that the final episode of the current Star Wars trilogy is planning on doing some filming at the Cardington Airship Sheds in Bedforshire, UK.
The location was previously used in both Star Wars: A New Hope and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story as the rebel base at Yavin IV.


Magic The Gathering Reveals Comic-Con 2018 Exclusive Limited Edition Collection.

The new collection celebrates the brand's return home to Dominaria.

It includes five Planeswalker cards.

Each of the cards in the Timeless Legends set was designed to explore the ties that bind present Dominaria heroes to icons of the past.

For more info and to see the new art, click the link below!


A Thanos-inspired subreddit is about to ban more than 100,000 members.

The moderators behind r/thanosdidnothingwrong, a forum dedicated to the Avengers’ arch-nemesis, will ban half of its members on July 9 in honor of Thanos’ ultimate goal: destroying half of the world’s population to protect survivors from starvation and overcrowding.

Infinity War makes it very clear this isn’t the best way to handle major problems afflicting our very survival, but some fans have clung to Thanos’ theory.

That means taking his word as gospel and annihilating half of the subreddit’s virtual population.




Avengers: Infinity War Blu-Ray Includes 30 Mins Thanos Backstory?

It seems that a 30 minute bacstory for Thanos hit the cutting room floor before theatrical release.

It is rumored that the footage will be released as part of the Blu-Ray release.

Well, more than a rumor since it was said by Jim Starlin, who was the writer of The Infinity Gauntlet!

He says that the footage won’t just be included as deleted scenes, but will be incorporated back into the film and presented as an Extended Cut either on the initial Blu-ray release or perhaps a special edition that’ll be released before Avengers 4 hits.


New 'Firefly' Series Announced.

Boom Studios has acquired the rights to create and publish comic books based on Joss Whedon’s Firefly.

The first Firefly story told at Boom begins in Firefly #1 and is written by Greg Pak with art by Dan McDaid.

The story focus on the War of Unification, the war between the Alliance and the Independents in which Malcolm Reynolds and Zoe Alleyne Washburne fought together on the losing side, an experience that defined their characters throughout Firefly’s run.

Boom is also publishing a series of Firefly Legacy Edition collections, reprinting the Dark Horse Comics Firefly stories.

Firefly #1 goes on sale in November.


Ahmed Best was the actor who played Jar Jar Binks

He recently tweeted that fans were so nasty that he considered suicide.

Best made the announcement Tuesday, in a tweet pic of himself and his son on a bridge.

"This was the place I almost ended my life. It’s still hard to talk about. I survived and now this little guy is my gift for survival."

He never mentioned "Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace" specifically, but did mention "20 years" ago, which lines up to his role as Jar Jar Binks.

He's previously said the negative reaction from the public included death threats.


Heritage Distilling Company have inked a partnership with Pearl Jam’s Vitalogy Foundation to produce a special edition Home Shows themed BSB-Brown Sugar Bourbon.  

A portion of the proceeds from each bottle sold will go to the Vitalogy Foundation’s Home Shows program, to fight homelessness in King County.

Pearl Jam will be performing The Home Shows, two shows at Safeco Field August 8 & 10, 2018, and as part of the shows, have committed to giving at least $1 million to fight homelessness in King County.

Bottles of Heritage Distilling Co. Home Shows label BSB-Brown Sugar Bourbon will be available exclusively from the website and at Heritage Distilling’s Washington tasting rooms, including locations in the Ballard and Capitol Hill neighborhoods in Seattle, Gig Harbor and Roslyn.

$20 from each bottle sold will be donated to the Vitalogy Foundation for this effort with a goal of raising $200,000 total.

This is a limited edition bottling run. Once all bottles are gone no additional bottles under this label will be made.


Jack Daniel's will no longer sponsor the Iditarod.

The maker of Jack Daniel’s whiskey has dropped its long-running sponsorship of Alaska’s Iditarod sled race, the company said on Wednesday.

The move by Louisville, Ky.-based Brown-Forman followed a tough year for organizers of the 1,000-mile Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race who have faced financial hardships, the loss of other sponsors and its first-ever dog doping scandal.

Jack Daniel’s decided to go a different direction by shifting most of its marketing efforts to a partnership with the National Basketball Association, company spokesman Svend Jansen said in a statement.


Of course the entire point of superhero movies is to unplug from reality, but if when things get too crazy it can make even that a challenge.

So have you ever raised an eyebrow over how Captain America survived being frozen?

Marvel has used science to back up the character's survival, and apparently the Marvel Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. in Las Vegas actually features an explanation for the character's survival. In the Captain America section of the area, it says:

Physical examination of Capt. Rogers revealed that while thickened, his blood's water was not frozen. Blood tests revealed that his blood contained excessive amounts of glucose as a result of his liver processing his glycogen stores, thus lowering the freezing temperature of blood-borne water and creating a 'cryoprotectant'. This process is similar to that of Water-Bears (Tardigrades) and hibernating Wood Frogs who metabolize glycogen in their liver to circulate copious amounts through their body to reduce the osmotic shrinkage of cells and stop from freezing. This, however, has never been seen before in humans.

Do you find this plausible enough?


'The Walking Dead's Jeffrey Dean Morgan Asks Fans To Stop Showing Up At His House Unannounced.

The Walking Dead star Jeffrey Dean Morgan is having a hard time with fans showing up at his house uninvited.

The actor, who previously starred in Supernatural and the Watchmen movie, took to Twitter on Tuesday to request his fans stop showing up at his house as if they're old pals just to knock on the door. In the words of his Negan character, it's "not cool."

The tweet in full reads:

Dear people that think it’s a solid plan to come to our house, take pictures, drive up to house, knock on door... it’s not a good plan. It’s rude and creepy. Respect our privacy please. And... you’re being recorded.




Kevin Smith Is Trying to Find Comic Book Men a New Network.

AMC pulled the plug on the program in late June, but there's a chance it could continue if it's picked up. For now, nothing is certain.

The show centered around Smith and his friends Brian, Walter, Mike, and Ming who all hang out at a comic book store owned by Smith himself.

The reality-TV show ran for an impressive seven seasons equaling 96 episodes before it was canceled last week.  

Smith may be fishing his show around to other networks but so far none of the networks have bitten.


2 weeks ago, half a bourbon warehouse collapsed. Now, the other half is down.

Perhaps it was only a matter of time, but the remaining half of a Kentucky bourbon warehouse, which collapsed two weeks ago has come crashing down.

The second half of the building has collapsed, sending another 9,000 barrels of liquor crashing down along with it.

The Barton 1792 Distillery in Kentucky, which can store up to 20,000 barrels, was undergoing repairs at the time of the first incident back in June.

Barrels from that collapse still haven't been cleaned up because of worker safety concerns, CNN affiliate WLKY reported. It's not clear what caused either collapse.


Caught In Tariff War, U.S. Distillers Fear Losing Out On Global Whiskey Boom.

U.S. whiskey distillers are fretting over the steep new tariffs they're facing around the world.

They're being punished as U.S. trading partners retaliate against the Trump administration's tariffs on steel and aluminum.

Now, the distillers fear that a long boom in U.S. whiskey exports could be coming to an end.

Kentucky bourbon has experienced a huge revival over the past decade — thanks in large part to U.S. trade initiatives that have opened up global markets, says Eric Gregory of the Kentucky Distillers' Association.

For the more information, click the link below.


DEADPOOL Creator Rob Liefeld Got In Trouble For Asking Russell Crowe To Audition To Play Cable.

Last year, Rob Liefeld Tweeted Russell Crowe about the possibility of auditioning to play Cable in the Deadpool sequel.

Now, the writer has revealed that this Tweet got him in hot water with the studio.

"One night before I went to bed, I didn’t know Russell Crowe was on Twitter, and I stupidly tweeted to Russell Crowe – not ever thinking he’d answer me – and I go ‘Hey Russell, you should read for Cable!’ That didn’t turn out very well, I got yelled at a lot, because I woke up – because he’s in Australia – to Russell Crowe saying ‘Read for it?!’ And my manager said ‘Yeah, Russell Crowe doesn’t read for parts Rob, you kind of insulted him. I’m like ‘I’m sorry! They just haven’t picked Cable yet so I’m just putting it out there.’ And then my phone rings, so some Fox people may or may not have yelled at me for an hour."