Crown Royal

Nerds Drink Whiskey: Episode 145 Where Dogger Wears The Crown

Nerds Drink Whiskey: Episode 145 Where Dogger Wears The Crown

Dogger's in Yelm

Featured Whiskey:
Crown Royal

Nerds Drink Whiskey Event
Saturday August 4th at Doggers in Yelm, Wa

Recorded at:
Dogger's In Yelm
404 1st St S, Yelm, WA 98597

Nerds Drink Whiskey
Always Sip, Never Slam

Mark Carras:
Host, producer, and editor

Gabe Glandon:

Jeff Morris:

Ed Halbert:

All Camera work:
Kara Hillius

Clinton Dogger Mullins

Alan Smithee:

Michael Arms:
Intro and outro music

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"And that's why 'Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants' is pure pornography."~Deadpool
Deadpool (2018)




Why Lucasfilm is wrong to keep attacking fans.

Remember the Ghostbusters Reboot that failed?

When people brought up the weak script,

They were accused of being racist and sexist.

Yet people couldn't stop raving about how well done Wonder Woman was.

Fans are still talking endlessly about how great Black Panther was too.

Luke Cage gets endless praise,

While Iron Fist Received endless jokes about poor writing.

So is it really misogyny and racism ruining Star Wars?

Or is it weak writing, arrogant directors, and a CEO with a chip on her shoulders?

Now people talk about how weak the writing of The Last Jedi was,

and they are again accused of being racist and sexist.

We see a trend here.

It's not because of sexist and racist fans,

But a lack of quality.

This was a 100% original commentary piece by NDW host Mark Carras.




Saturday, August 4th...

Nerds Drink Whiskey returns to Dogger's

Come eat burgers with us at 1:00 pm.

2:00 we start recording the show.

There will be prizes, and we don't just mean free shot glasses!


Will Lucifer Season 4 be all about sex and violence?

When Chloe arrived at the LUX penthouse to confront her partner in crimesolving about his flirtatious nature, “Lucifer came out naked,” co-showrunner Ildy Modrovich reminds.

And ideally, “We didn’t want to see anything crazy, but we wanted to see the ‘back’ of him,” she reports with a chuckle. “After all, everybody has a butt.”

In addition to possibly laying eyes on a demonic derriere, Henderson ventures, “Our blood can be a little more real, our horror can be a little more horror-y” on Netflix.


Obi-Wan Kenobi Movie May Skip Theaters.

The Boba Fett spinoff project is still being developed.

But Lucasfilm has doubts about standalone movies for Boba Fett, Lando, Darth Maul, and many others.

The doubt comes from the disappointing results of Solo A Star Wars Story.

However, as many of these projects were already in motion, it is now rumored that these might be made for the upcoming Disney streaming service.




Tom Holland leaks Spider-man title on his Instagram!

Was he being clever or was this an actual mistake?

In the video he apologizes for no new info, then hold up the cover of a script.

The title very clearly says, "Far From Home."


Moviepass will introduce 'Surge Pricing' next month.

MoviePass is planning to add a "high demand" charge beginning in July for movies the app deems popular.

By the end of August, it is also planning to launch a bring-a-friend option and a premium option to see movies in Imax or Real 3D.


Kevin Feige Gives Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 Updates:

Writer/director James Gunn has delivered a draft.

They begin official pre-production on that very, very soon.

It’ll be shooting early next year.

Captain Marvel finishes in about two weeks.

Spider-Man starts in about two weeks.

Guardians 3 will start early next year.




Han Solo's Blaster from the "Return of the Jedi" has sold for $550,000 at a Las Vegas auction.

Julien's Auctions says Ripley's Believe It or Not bought the item Saturday.

The sci-fi weapon was the top-selling item at the Hollywood Legends auction.

The blaster was part of a collection from the U.S. art director on the film, James L. Schoppe.

An Imperial Scout Trooper Blaster from the movie sold for $90,625.


Jake Gyllenhaal’s Mysterio Confirmed For Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Spider-Man: Far From Home will pit our friendly neighborhood Web-slinger against Jake Gyllenhaal’s Mysterio.

The classic Marvel villain known for his illusions and trickery, which push Parker’s spider-sense into overtime.

Spider-Man: Far From Home will also herald the return of Michael Keaton as Adrian Toomes.

This will all happen after Avengers 4 of course.


Tom Hiddleston Confirms Loki’s Fate In Avengers: Infinity War!


Infinity War featured an endless stream of deaths of much-loved characters.

One that first told us the movie would be absolutely merciless was Loki’s demise, when Thanos killed him after acquiring the Space Stone.

Hiddleston appeared at ACE Comic-Con this weekend and confirmed that the God of Mischief is indeed dead and the character’s story has come to a close.



‘Halo’ Live-Action TV Announced!

It will air on Showtime.

The budget is rumored to be on the Game Of Thrones level.

It will kick off with a 10-episode season.

Kyle Killen will serve as writer and showrunner.

Director Rupert Wyatt will helm multiple episodes.

Who would you cast as Master Chief?


Screenwriter Jonathan Kasdan Will Write Next Indiana Jones!

Solo: A Star Wars Story scribe Jonathan Kasdan will next write the screenplay for Steven Spielberg's Indiana Jones 5.

Which begins production next April, with a targeted release date of July 2020.

This is a rewrite of a script originally hammered out by David Koepp.


DC Universe Streaming Service Details Announced!

DC Entertainment has released details of its upcoming DC Universe proprietary streaming service, including outlining the service's launch series and how comic books will factor in.

DC Universe will launch with live action series Titans later this year, followed by Doom Patrol, Swamp Thing, and the animated Young Justice: Outsiders and Harley Quinn series in 2019.

There will also be DC Movies On Demand, '1000s of Comic Books,'  and More

No word on launch date or price that we could find.


Why Hodor Actor Didn't Like Ed Sheeran's Game Of Thrones Cameo.

Sheeran showed up in the Season 7 premiere as a Lannister solider, speaking to Arya Stark while sitting by a campfire with fellow soldiers.

Speaking to Huffington Post, Nairn revealed he isn't a fan of these celebrity cameos on the show, as he thinks they take viewers out of Game of Thrones' rich world.

“I’m not a fan of the cameos in Game of Thrones," Nairn said. "I don’t like them. I think it’s stupid. I don’t mind going on the record on that. I just think it takes you right out of the world. Especially Ed Sheeran. I was like, ‘Why is Ed Sheeran here?’"