Tuesday November 27th 2018

Tuesday November 27th 2018: Episode 17

From the 'Way out of our league' department: NASA reports that Insight has landed on Mars.

Insight stands for Interior Exploration using Seismic Investigations, Geodesy and Heat Transport.

The lander took 7 months to reach its destination on a 300 million mile trip from Earth.

Insight will take two years to study the interior of Mars so that scientists may learn more about 'how all celestial bodies with rocky surfaces, including Earth and the Moon, formed.'

We at Nerd's Drink Whiskey can't pretend to understand it all, but we are in awe at the data gathered, analysed, and used by NASA to make our lives better.  

If this is what you use our tax dollars for, shut up and take my money! Go NASA!


Tom Baker to release a Doctor Who novel.

The book will be based on a Doctor Who script that he helped write.

The original script was written with co-star Ian Marter while Baker was playing his role as the 4th Doctor.

The name of the book will be Doctor Who: Scratchman.

The story is said to cover the time of the 4th Doctor, so old school fans of the long running series should be thrilled at the news.

The book will be released on January 24th of 2019.


Screenwriter Terry Rossio is in serious hot water after using a racial slur on his Twitter account.

Although mostly known for being a writer on Aladdin, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Shrek, he also has writing credits on the upcoming (and controversial right out of the gate) Jonny Quest.

In a response on Twitter the writer compared being called an anti-vaxer to being called the 'n-word.'

Rossio is against vaccinating children, but it's the comparison that is causing the backlash.

Disney has fired Guardians Of The Galaxy writer and director James Gunn, celebrated novelist Chuck Wendig, and others very recently for less controversial things said on the same social network.

Disney has yet to announce if they will respond to the use of this racial slur with the same level of authority.

More importantly, no word on if Warner Brothers will still trust Terry Rossio to handle the character Hadji with the racial sensitivity necessary in the recently announced Jonny Quest reboot.