Thursday November 22nd 2018

Nerd News is taking the day off to celebrate the holiday. In the place of Nerd News we bring you the Top 5 Northwest Productions to binge watch this holiday season.  Although all of them are available on Amazon Prime, Amazon is not a sponsor. They just seem to be the place to watch these titles.

5. Dead Drift

Like an American tribute to Red Dwarf, Dead Drift follows an uptight Captain of a decrepit ship who must travel to Saturn's moon Titan.

4. The Gamers

A crazy series that goes back and forth between players of a role playing game and the fictitious characters they are playing.

3. Penny Palabras

By far the darkest on our countdown, Penny Palabras follows a girl tormented by a malevolent entity called the Straw Man.

2. Journeyquest

Imagine if Lord Of The Rings was a comedy and Gandalf wasn’t a very good wizard.

1. Strowlers

Magic has returned to the modern world and the government wants reign it in.

We hope you enjoy these Washington state productions. How many locations can you recognize? Feel free to mention them in the comments.