Thursday November 15th 2018

Negan from The Walking Dead smacks down failed Lone Ranger star Armie Hammer.

When the flood of fans were mourning the death of Stan Lee, Armie Hammer felt the need to sling mud.

“So touched by all of the celebrities posting pictures of themselves with Stan Lee. No better way to commemorate an absolute legend than putting up a picture of yourself.”

He followed that up by saying “If Stan impacted your life (ie. All of our lives) with his work, post his work that touched you the most. Posting a selfie makes his death about you and how cool you felt taking a picture with him.”

The Walking Dead's Jeffrey Dean Morgan brought out his barbed wire wrapped club to respond with...

“Looks like you found a way to use others ways of mourning and their memories to draw some attention to yourself. You sound like a real asshat.”

So wait... Negan is a superhero and The Lone Ranger is a villain?

Deadpool's Gina Carano joins The Mandalorian.

Most of us know Carano as Angel Dust from the first Deadpool movie.

As the second cast member to be announced for The Mandalorian, we can only guess that it's a prominent role.

She joins Pedro Pascal in the Jon Favreau produced series.

Cinematographer of Venom, Birds Of Prey, and and both Iron Man, and Iron Man 2 has been arrested in Poland.

The Camerimage Film Festival released the following in a statement:

“Mr. Libatique was involved in an alleged incident that led to his detention and being held on a potential charge of assaulting a police officer and a paramedic here in Bydgoszcz. This is now a legal matter that the festival is not in a position to discuss. We can make no further comments at this time.”

He could face 3 years in prison if he is found guilty.