Mark's Whiskey: Episode 22 - Copper Pony Rye Whiskey

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Mark's Whiskey: Episode 22 This week's featured whiskey: Copper Pony Rye Whiskey 90 proof


Whiskey Soaked Interrogations:

Featuring Matt Hickey of

Best Christmas Movies: Mark's list: 1. Krampus 2. Long Kiss Goodnight 3. Die Hard 4. Lethal Weapon 5. The Ref 6. Nightmare before Christmas 7. Santa's Slay

Matt's List: 1. Out Of Sight 2. Die Hard 3. Trading Places


Whiskey Cocoa

Entire 10 oz container of baking cocoa Entire 25.6 oz container of powdered milk 6 cups of sugar 3 cups of creamer 1-2 shots of whiskey


Mark's Whiskey The causal whiskey podcast

Mark Carras: Host, producer, and editor

Jeff Morris: Host, research, and technical director

Michael Arms: Host and Music Director Please join us at:

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Mark's Whiskey: Episode 18 - Cooking Whiskey Burgers

Mark's Whiskey: Episode 18 This week: Cooking Whiskey Burgers Mark's Whiskey The Casual whiskey podcast

All music by: Michael Arms

Mark Carras: Host and editor

Jeff Morris: Co-Host, research, and producer

Michael Arms: Music Director Please join us at:


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THE INGREDIENTS: Maple Whiskey Glazed Bacon 1/2 1lbs Bacon 2 tbsp of brown sugar 2 tbsp of maple syrup 2 tsp of whiskey Whiskey Burgers 1 lbs Ground Beef 1/2 lbs Mild Italian Sausage 1/2 Cup Panko Bread Crumbs 1/4 Cup Molasses Salt Pepper 1/4 Cup of Whiskey