Nerds Drink Whiskey: Episode 184 Whiskey Shopping Tips

Nerds Drink Whiskey: Episode 184 Whiskey Shopping Tips

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Top Ten Whiskey Shopping Tips:

10. Binge watch every episode of Nerds Drink Whiskey before you leave the house.

9. Make sure turpentine isn’t on the ingredients list.

8. Call your whiskey snob friend.

7. Does it say ‘Bonded?’ Not a guarantee it’s good, but does mean it has passed stricter regulations than most.

6. Is there an official website? Do a quick Google search. If there isn’t an official website, it could be rotgut.

5. Look at the color. Is it as dark as other quality whiskey on the shelf? Also, look to see if color has been added.

4. Know which clerks know what they are talking about. There is always one that can take you to school. Ask that one.

3. See if it has won any awards. Someday we will make a list of the most prestigious awards a whiskey can win.

2. Is it distilled, aged, and bottled in the same location? Not all ‘sourced whiskey is bad, but most of it is.

1. Age has been the top way of vetting a whiskey without tasting it for over a century. There is a reason why. Not all NAS whiskey is bad, but you have no way of knowing before you buy it.