Friday November 8th 2018

Nerd News for Friday November 8th 2018:

Captain Marvel star Brie Larson promotes phone sex line?

Although I'm pretty sure that it was by complete accident, it did happen.

She very recently Tweeted out an image of her standing at a phone booth with Rock The Vote posters all over it.

If you zoom in on the image however, you will see a number on the pay phone.

That number was once controlled by Disney and used on some of their cable channel shows.

It currently however is a phone sex line.

The shocking part of this story is that there are still working phone sex lines.

Have these people never heard of the internet?

Rogue One live-action prequel series announced!

During a fourth quarter earnings call, Disney CEO Bob Iger made the announcement that the name of the upcoming Disney streaming service would be simply Disney+.

It was also announced that Diego Luna will bring back his character Cassian Andor to lead the series.

This will of course join the already in production live action series from director Jon Favreau called The Mandalorian.

The Rogue One series will go into production next year and of course cover the time before Rogue One.

More details are coming out about the lawsuit from The Satanic Temple against the Netflix show The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

They are suing for $150 million in damages due to the use of their copyrighted version of religious icon Baphomet.

The Satanic Temple version has less nudity, two children, and is actually more family friendly than Baphomet is shown traditionally.

The lawsuit centers around how everything about the two children in the shows version of the statue is almost exactly like the Baphomet used by The Satanic Temple.

The religious organization tried to deal with the situation outside of court, but was ignored.

Avengers 4 to possibly be 3 hours long according to director Joe Russo.

“The running time on Avengers 4 is currently sitting right at three hours. We’ll see if that holds.” Russo posted recently on Instagram.

Avengers: Infinity War was two hours, forty minutes and was the longest movie in the MCU.

Avengers 4 wrapped in October, they are now editing, and they still haven't told us the title.

Bryan Cranston has confirmed the news that broke yesterday about the Breaking Bad movie

"I have not gotten the script, I have not read the script. So there's the question of whether or not we'll even see Walter White in this movie. Think about that one."

Several outlets are reporting that the story will be centered around Jesse Pinkman trying to escape after being kidnapped, and his quest for freedom.

creator Vince Gilligan is involved so we expect it to be good.

Pacific Rim anime series coming to Netflix.

This will be part of several new anime shows including one for Altered Carbon.

The franchise has it's roots in mecha anime and received a live action sequel last year.

The story will be about a brother and sister who find an abandoned Jaeger and try to find their parents.

Thursday November 8th 2018

This is Nerd News for Thursday November 8th 2018.

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Game Of Thrones creator George R.R. Martin recently sent the blogosphere ablaze by very casually dropping the title The Long Night as if it was the actual title of the upcoming Game Of Thrones prequel.

It seems that Martin was speaking out of turn and had to very publicly backpedal.

"HBO has informed me that the Jane Goldman pilot is not (yet) titled THE LONG NIGHT.   That’s is certainly the title I prefer, but for the moment the pilot is still officially UNTITLED."

The very long awaited next book in the Game Of Thrones series hits bookstore shelves in less than two weeks November 20th with Fire And Blood.

The final season of Game Of Thrones hits HBO sometime next year.

J.J. Abrams 3 Star Trek films together made just over one billion dollars, his one Star Wars film made over 2 billion dollars alone, and his other films and tv shows together have raked in way more than both of those universes combined.

Well, it looks as if Abrams is looking to step things up to the next level now.

He is working on a deal that would include movies, television, digital content, music, games, consumer products, and even theme park opportunities.

He is rumored to be holding court at a table with several studios trying to win his services in the negotiations.

We all miss the show Breaking Bad, but Walter White is dead, so it's all over, right?

The mighty Geeks Of Doom reports that a Breaking Bad movie is actually in the works.

There is no word on if the movie would be for television or the movie theaters.

With Better Call Saul taking care of the before, it would be a solid guess that the movie will take place after after Breaking Bad ended.

No word has leaked if any original cast members will return, but it will be part of the Breaking Bad universe.

Rumors are saying that the story "tracks the escape of a kidnapped man and his quest for freedom."

Vince Gilligan, Mark Johnson, and Melissa Bernstein are all reportedly returning to their spots behind the scenes.

Vince Gilligan will write, executive produce, and maybe even direct.

A reboot of The 4400 is currently being developed.

The story revolved around four thousand four hundred young adults disappearing over several decades, then all showing back up at the exact same time, and at the exact same age they disappeared at.

Since the reboot is only in development, not much further info is available at this time.

Wednesday November 7th 2018


This is Nerd News for Wednesday November 7th 2018.

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Wolverine: The Long Night is Marvel's first scripted podcast.

The first 9 episodes are available now at

With only one episode left a second season has been announced.

Richard Armitage will return as Logan, along with Bill Irwin as Jason Wyngarde, Bell Heck as Remy LeBeau, and Blair Brown as Bonnie Roach.

The second season will be released in winter of 2019 and it will be called Wolverine: The Lost Trail.

Does Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald break canon?

There is a young Professor Minerva McGonagall in the latest movie.

This latest movie is set in 1927, but many Harry Potter fans will tell you that Minerva McGonagall was born in 1935.

How is she in a movie when she hadn't even been born yet?

For the full (and very detailed) calculations on this, click the link in the show notes.

Nerds Drink Whiskey recently announced that our Christmas party on December 8th will feature the most nerdy whiskey we can find.

Just in time Star Trek has announced Montgomery Scott Blended Scotch Whiskey.

Yes this is a Scotch named after Scotty from the original Star Trek.

CBS Consumer Products have officially licensed the blended scotch whiskey.

The plans are to have it on the selves just in time for our Christmas party on December 8th.

A James T. Kirk Bourbon Whiskey has been out since this past summer.

In the worst news ever department: There is a rumor that Matt Smith might play a young Sheev Palpatine.

So my least favorite Doctor might be my all time favorite villain?

This could mean that J.J. Abrams is making something from Legends into cannon.

In Star Wars Legends Palpatine used Essence transfer to clones in order to cheat death.

This could also be an interesting twist since in Legends Palpatine tries to overtake the conscience of Anakin Solo.

In current cannon Anakin Solo is called Ben Solo, which is of course Kylo Ren.

I want to try something new for Nerd News.

About once a week I will pose a question to everyone to chime in on.

The question is simple: Is it nerdy?

HBO has announced that the long promised Deadwood movie is officially in production.  

The film will begin ten years after season three ended.

Almost the entire cast has returned with Ian McShane, Timothy Olyphant, Molly Parker, Paula Malcomson, Dayton Callie, and many more.

The shows' creator David Milch wrote the movie too, so this should excite fans to no end.

Although everyone on the Nerds Drink Whiskey podcast are fans of the show, is it nerdy?

Tuesday November 6th 2018


This is Nerd News for Tuesday November 6th 2018.

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On October 7th of 1989 an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation aired called The Survivors.

It was episode three of season three.

In the episode The Enterprise responded to a distress call from Rana IV, a Federation colony that is under attack from an unknown alien ship.

When they arrived, they found the entire surface of the planet destroyed, except for a single house and two occupants.

The two occupants being Rishon and Kevin Uxbridge, played by Anne Haney and John Anderson.

The Malibu California home featured in that episode is up for sale for the price of $5.7 million.

Actor Andrew Lincoln gets a three spin off movies from The Walking Dead.

Lincoln's character Rick Grimes just had his goodbye episode of the show.

There is no date on when the movies will be released.

AMC does admit that it is part of an effort to keep the franchise alive for at least several more years.

Although the show has fallen in viewership recently, it's not in the danger zone yet.

It has been confirmed that the title to the PG-13 version of Deadpool 2 is "Once Upon a Deadpool."

It will have an extremely short theater run of December 12th through 24th.

One dollar per ticket will go to the 'Fudge Cancer' (re-titled because this is PG-13) charity.

Ryan Reynolds and Fred Savage filmed the new footage in one day.

The entire movie was re-edited to be a nod to The Princess Bride.

Monday November 5th 2018


This is Nerd News for Monday November 5th 2018.

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Nerd's Drink Whiskey has started posting our Bottled In Bond series for the month of November!

So here are five quick things to know about Bottled In Bond Whiskey.

Bottled In Bond Top Five:

1. It comes from the Bottled-in-Bond Act of 1897.

2. The liquor must be the product of one distillation season.

3. Must be by one distiller at one distillery.

4. It must be aged 4 years in a federally bonded warehouse.

5. It must be bottled at 100 proof

For more info check out the latest episode of Nerd's Drink Whiskey.

Kevin Smith reports that his Jay and Silent Bob Reboot is on it's way.

The director, actor, and podcast icon Tweeted an update just days ago.  

"I got my production physical for #JayAndSilentBobReboot, so the dream is getting closer to being a reality! The Doc said I had no idea how lucky I was to live through my heart attack before telling me about a surgeon who died of a Widowmaker while he was performing surgery. "

Also confirmed are Jason Mewes and Brian O'Halloran.

A whiskey icon has died and we should all raise our shot glasses high in his honor.

Pouring a little out is for kids who drink cheap beer.

For Dave we should raise a shot of Whistlepig Rye and sip it slowly.

Dave Pickerell just weeks ago helped the band Metallica release their Blackened whiskey.

But true whiskey fans know why the legendary band picked Dave in the first place.

Dave spent 14 years at Makers Mark, but recently split his time between several projects.

WhistlePig, Hillrock, and an old-fashioned distillery at George Washington’s plantation in Mount Vernon.

His specialty was rye whiskey, but he was a master distiller of so much more.

He died on November 1st at 70 years old.

So the first screening of Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald happened.

Unless you are a total jerk, you promise to #ProtectTheSecrets right?

There is a very good reason why protecting the secrets is so important this time.

Many are reporting that there are surprises in the movie that make it much better than the first one.

That being said, the reviews are extremely positive and people can't say enough good things.

But don't you dare give away spoilers or you might get beat like the nose on Tom Riddle's face!