Nerdcon Needs Nerdy Sponsors

NDW’s Nerdcon would like to announce we are adding a cosplay contest to our Nerdcon event March 25th in Olympia, Washington. 

But we need sponsors for this contest!

If your business would like to sponsor this contest, please contact Nerds Drink Whiskey by phone, email, or Facebook messenger. 

Each sponsor will get their name and logo on the main poster, their own ‘internet poster’ (for Facebook)  with boosted post (pending Facebook’s approval of the boosted post request), and our humble thanks for helping us make an attempt at a dream. 

No actual product! Please only donate swag which promotes your product. This can mean shirts, hats, keychains, socks, etc. Contact us if you are thinking outside the box. 

Nothing too messy. Items that travel well, please. 

A gift certificate is fine. We love you and want you involved, but people need to experience your stuff fresh!

We promise to plug, praise, and promote our sponsors in every way we can to increase the excitement of you working with us again in the future. 

Mark Carras
(360) 519-7625