Welcome to Nerds Drink Whiskey

Nerds Drink Whiskey is a a weekly podcast that posts every Sunday.

We try to keep a balance of both whiskey and nerd culture. 
We are the casual whiskey podcast.

We encourage you to be involved, comment, and submit ideas.


Jeff Morris Host/Producer

Jeff has been called 'The smartest guy in the room' and 'The brains of the outfit.' He is the not just class and style to the show, but usually the higher quality whiskey as well.


Mark Carras Host/Editor

As the founder of the show, Mark brings more than 25 years of music journalism, the humor, and hours every week putting it all together. He is also damn pretty, extremely eloquent, and the one who wrote these bios.


Future Co-Host

Yes we are looking for a third person to host the show with us.  Michael Arms had to move to another state, but even as hard as it will be to replace him, it needs to be done. Do you have what it takes? Contact us!